Eye On Design #3 'Gossip'

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Issue #3 of Eye on Design is the 'Gossip' issue and it's one we'll definitely all be talking about. Inside participants chatter about design criticism, discord and it's positive effects on a complacent industry are discussed, queer zines from the fringes are brought to light and there is a look at the rejection of clean design and the adoption of aesthetic brutalism. Oh, and fake news... or did we make that up?


A coming together of beautiful physical artefact, literary journal and design showcase. This is a beautiful piece of design publishing by the team at the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)


Ok, three things. One, there is absolutely no need to put your magazine title on the cover right? Right. Two, we really, really want to visit the Tupperware headquarters in Florida. Three, the free insert of 'Spotted'. It's 16 pages of 'goss, graphics and giggles' had us laughing far more than is reasonable for a design mag!

Eye On Design #3 'Gossip'