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Death: A Graveside Companion by Joanna Ebenstein

Regular price £29.95

Now this truly is a great body of work... or is a great work about bodies? Death: A Graveside Companion is a true compendium of the macabre, with over 350 pages of artworks, artefacts, keepsakes and trophies dedicated to the inescapable end. Seven themed chapters bury us with information on everything from holy spiritualism to mourning jewellery. There are gravestones, mummies, eerie celebrations, gruesome illustrations, death masks, dances and all other kinds of morbid miscellany to be found within. With over 1,000 illustrations, and rich in never before published material, this book is a must for those of a charnel nature.

Size: 264 x 206mm

Pages: 368

Publisher: Thames and Hudson

Binding: Hardcover / quarterbound

Death a Graveside Companion