CustomerService Zine Vol.5 | Folklore of the Islands

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This precious stone set in the silver sea...

Vol.5 of CustomerService sweeps us up and takes us off to the islands - isolated havens of tranquility and peace, but also places of unique flow and pace, rules and rites. 

Inside this issue, you'll find supernatural presences in the Aeolian Archipelago, cosmic forces on the Island of Capri, ritual sacrifice on the Essex island of Osea, and Corsican shamanic death rituals.

Outsiders and inlanders beware.



CustomerService is an independent UK magazine that eludes internet scrutiny - its heart, we know, is in Leeds, its content from across the world. 



The librarian in me loves the inclusion of a page of references to original source material, but hats off also to the focus on the female here - to the witches, goddesses, hunters and explorers that breathe among the pages.

CustomerService Zine Vol.5 | Folklore of the Islands | Colours May Vary