Crazy About Cats by Owen Davey

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'Smart About Sharks' was one of our favourite children's books from last year, and Owen Davey's follow up 'Crazy About Cats' is yet another cracker.. Teeming with feline facts, this book brings you cats in all of their shapes and sizes. From behaviour to mythology, we get under that furry skin to find out all about these beautiful predators. Did you know that some cats have partially webbed feet, or that a lion's roar can be heard 5 miles away? Neither did we, that's why we're reading 'Crazy About Cats'!

Oh, and illustrator Owen Davey is amazing too - we think his cats are even better than his sharks!

Size: 228 x 288

Pages: 40pp

Publisher: Flying Eye

Binding: Hardback

Crazy About Cats by Owen Davey