Eye On Design #5 'Distraction'

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Issue #5 of Eye on Design is the 'Distraction' issue, which (checks Instagram) looks at (eyes fall on clickable ad) how we are all (how's Twitter doing?) being interrupted and how our attention is being commodified. The usual slew of excellent articles this time cover using Instagram for good, screensaver art, designing 'delight' into products, the current appetite for acid graphics and the design of online pornography.


A coming together of beautiful physical artefact, literary journal and design showcase. This is a beautiful piece of design publishing by the team at the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA).


A selection of games that divert us in a more physical way include the beautiful Autonomic Tarot by Sophy Hollington and David Keenan.

Eye On Design #5 'Distraction' - Colours May Vary