Bloom Magazine #15 | Autumn /Winter 2023

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Yeah, it's unseasonably warm, but Autumn will come knocking in a wee while, and quite honestly, we're ready to pull on a jumper and rummage around to find where the wooly hats went.  Luckily Issue 15 of Bloom is full of seasonal things to do, such as how to save rain, how to grow ferns (inside and out), getting your forage on, healing your community herbally, learning about regenerative gardening, designing zero-waste gardens, and planting bulbs all year round.



For gardeners, nature lovers, plant admirers, outdoor adventurers and curious explorers, Bloom is here to inspire and get you back to nature.


Size: 165v x 245mm

Pages: 110


Bloom Magazine #15 | Autumn /Winter 2023