Colours May Vary Coronavirus Update.

As you will all know, as of the evening of March 23rd, the Government has ordered the closure of all non-essential shops. We had already decided to close our doors and to be honest, although we are in shock along with most of the country, we are also relieved. We know this is the right thing to do and we will be observing very strict guidelines as both individuals and as a business. 

The most important thing right now for all of us is to support each other emotionally as well as physically. We will be spending some time over the coming weeks finding ways of entertaining you as well as just keeping in touch. Our business is based around community & collaboration and not physically being in the shop makes no difference to us in that we still want to hear from you and to be here for you if you need us so please do get in touch even if you just fancy a chat. 

Over the last few days, we have found we need to restrict the flow of 'information' into our lives to preserve our own mental health. We have decided to stick to specific sources of news so that our brains are not short-circuited by the anxiety that multiple feeds of information can trigger. We are noticing a lot of our friends are melting down with it all and so our advice is to try to focus on what makes you feel good. Don't hunt out the bad news, deal with this a day at a time. 

Also don't feel under any pressure to 'perform' in the face of this. Lots of people are posting about new things they are doing, creating, learning etc but it is also OK to curl up and watch Talking Pictures TV. We fully intend to take some time off and do nothing. 

In terms of the shop, we are still carrying on with things to some extent so we thought it would be easier to keep you updated via this blog and answer any questions you might have here. Please keep checking back here for updates before you place orders. If you have a question please message us and we will respond and we will also add it to this list. (See below)

Please stay safe, love each other and stay in touch if you need a chat. 

Big Love, 

Becky, Andy & Stevie Dog. 


Is the shop open for collection?

No. We have closed the shop to the public entirely. 

Are you going to be at the shop working?

Yes, we will be intermittently visiting the shop to work but we will be restricting this to the absolute minimum. We are a couple and so a 'family unit' we drive to the shop and do not make any contact with anyone on the way or once we arrive.

Are you still posting out web orders?

Yes. The Government advice at the moment is that retailers may deliver online so we are going to be continuing that while we can, while the post office is open and while you wish to order! We are reviewing advice daily and will cease if it becomes an issue to guarantee you get your orders.

We post all our orders apart from a handful of International deliveries via the UK post office and we always use their Drop & Go service which basically means we do not have to be in the post office for any more than the time it takes to leave parcels and our delivery manifest note. We do not have to talk to anyone or press any buttons! SO as long as The Post Office can do this we will continue. 

We need your custom to ensure we are still here when all this is over but we are also very aware that many of you will be experiencing financial worries yourself so please don't worry if you can't order! We love you just the same. We are tightening our belts considerably so we get it. If we do make it through this as a business come and see us for sherry and treat yourself to a mag then. 

Will my order get to me in good time. 

We are dependent on a network that at the moment is under some strain but the advice is still that it is in good shape. If you don't receive your web order within the Royal Mail guidelines please be patient but do let us know if it has been a while and we will investigate. 

Will you still be getting new titles/magazines etc?

We are working on existing stocks right now and in theory, we will still be getting stocks if our distributors are able to ship out. However, we are anticipating a drop off in stocks and we will try to adapt to fit that but to be honest we have no idea at the moment. Keep checking back for your favourite title and be assured we will be getting all new stocks on asap. 

I am looking for a specific magazine/book but I can't see it on your site. 

If you are after something specific please holla. We have access to LOADS of books and magazines we don't hold stock of and it may be possible to get something in for you. Don't worry if it doesn't fit the 'art & design' brief either. We have always been able to order in all sorts of titles for customers specifically so don't be shy if you want something you can't find on our site.

Can you post out a gift to a friend for me?

Yes, We have good stocks of cards too so if you add a card to your order and make a note at checkout we can write your message out for you and post it to your chosen address. We do not include receipts in any of our parcels either. 

Can I use my paper voucher online?

Yes. If you have a voucher simply email us. We can access your account and issue you with an online code so you can order online. We are going to make digital vouchers available online too soon. 

I want to support you but I don't want to buy anything, How can I do this?

You can help us in a couple of ways. Firstly we have set up a Ko-Fi account which means you can either buy us a virtual coffee or you can set up a direct debit for a set amount each month. 

You could also consider buying a voucher to spend in-store when this has all blown over. If you want to do this and collect it later from the shop just select 'collect in store'