Peter Mitchell presents: " The usual bog-standard slide show"

To celebrate the launch of Peter Mitchell’s latest book 'Epilogue', we are delighted to announce that he will be joining us here at Leeds Corn Exchange to present, in his own words, "The usual bog-standard slide show".

If you have ever been to one of Peter's slide shows, you will know that they are far from bog-standard, if you haven't, we strongly reccomend you book a seat asap. Peter is an incredibly funny and charming narrator.

Epilogue, published by RRB Photobooks, acts as a sequel to Peter's 1990 publication Memento Mori, which documented the dramatic impact of the Quarry Hill redevelopment project in Leeds.

By the mid-seventies, the building was in terminal health and being slowly put down. Mitchell spent time wandering the site with his camera as, bit by bit, piece by piece, the flats, which had once housed 3000 people, came down.

Containing over 40 new images and documenting the abandonment and subsequent demolition of the site, Epilogue adds a poignant final chapter to the 1990 publication.

Please join us for the slide show at 6:30 pm in unit C5a/b, which is located on the ground floor of The Corn Exchange below Colours May Vary.

Please note that this event is strictly limited. You must register using Eventbrite for us to manage capacity. Please respect this requirement. This event will be live for booking at 12 midday on Friday 18th February and close at midday Thursday 3rd March.

After the slide show, please join Peter upstairs at Colours May Vary, where there will be a range of his books, prints, and postcards available to view/ purchase.

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